The organisation and technical production of quality events is one of our greatest passions!

Our goal as a technical and audiovisual production company is to provide simplicity, transparency, and training so that the AV sector can be easily understood by anyone. We want everyone to be able to apply our trainings when they plan their events.

We invite you to organise events with us and to make the most of our experience and the support of our professionals.

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The Importance of Event Lighting and Sound

Lighting and sound are fundamental elements, and closely linked to the success of your act.  In this video we will explain why those two aspects are essential for any event and why you should invest in them.

Top Event Industry TRENDS for 2023

Virtual & Augmented Reality, Last minute and tight operating margins and much more! In this video, we'll explain to you 5 of the most relevant trends in event organization and technical production for this 2023. Press Play to find out more!

What is Stage Automation for Events?

 In this video, we're going to take a look at stage automation software. This software is used to help stagehands and other workers move scenery and equipment around on stage more easily and quickly, which in turn can save time and money.

Virtual Reality and Renders for Events

Rendering and virtual reality bring countless benefits to events and they can mean savings when it comes to the cost and effort of organizing an event. Discover what is rendering and what does virtual reality bring to events.

Lighting at Events: Ideas and Techniques

Lighting can be the key to creating a major impact at your events. If you are looking for new lighting ideas, watch this video and learn about the importance of lighting techniques at events!

LED SCREENS for Events | 7 Tips

LED screens can be a great way to impact your audience. They consistently hold audience members’ attention as part of the audiovisual experience. In this video you will learn 7 ways to get the most out of LED screens at your events.